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그리고 또 시간이 흘렀고 식사시간은 멧돼지의 뼈다귀만을 드러내며 마쳐졌다. 둘이서 멧돼지 한 마리를 남김없이 아작 낸 모양이었다.

“ 끄응! 잘 먹었다. 이제 더 이상 들어갈 곳이 없구만.”

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“ 후후! 알겠습니다. 제가 오늘 형님에게 맛있는 멧돼지 통구이를 맛보여 드리지요. 제가 요리를 제법 합니다. 게다가 소금도 가지고 있구요. 아주 맛있게 해드릴 테니 기다리십시오.”
후후! 그래! 잘 먹겠네. 아우도 어서 드시게 나!”

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It has been shown that not sleeping enough hours is related to a decrease in concentration, in addition to irritability, tiredness and even an increased risk of suffering from psychiatric illnesses . Also, if you have set out to lose weight, this lack of sleep may make it difficult for you to reach your goal.

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A perfect dinner is one that contributes between 15 and 25% of the necessary daily calories. Exceeding this limit could influence weight gain and sleep problems. The problem is that the body is overloaded in the digestion process, which can cause discomfort and difficulty sleeping. The worst thing is that the metabolism slows down and does not work at a good pace the next day.

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